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We've all heard the saying how can someone love you if you don't love yourself. The truth is, as a woman, we are often burdened with the pressures of life, relationships, and societal expectations. Sometimes it is hard to love ourselves. But it is vital to do so.

The ultimate accomplishment in life is to be able to accept, embrace, and love ourselves regardless of our past, our imperfections, or our current circumstances. As women, we revel in the idea of men loving us, but in the process, we forget to love ourselves.

If you can make the relationship with yourself the predominant one, then you are on solid ground. You can then be the best version of yourself. You will have clarity about what you want and what you don't want. You will have the confidence to make decisions that bring value to your life. Self-love is not a goal; it's a practice, and it is the basis on which we build a fulfilled life.

You are the only one who has enough power to truly change yourself.

From this point on, whenever you alter your self-image or boost your self-esteem or increase your self-confidence or have more self-respect, you're making a change that only YOU can control. These aspects of change provide the keyword of "self" because you have all the power to transform anything you wish.

Creating Self-love

LOA is described as manifestations created through your thoughts and that you are the creator of your life. That every strong thought you focus on can manifest if it is given enough attention. 

But how? 

Thoughts = Feelings 
Feelings = Behavior 
Behavior = Outcome 

Law of attraction teaches us that if we focus on what we don't want we will have the thoughts, feeling, behavior and therefore the outcome of everything we do not want. However, if we learn how to shift our focus on what we do want we then stay up to speed with our desires. 

This 30-day workbook journal will help you to apply exciting LOA strategies that will assist you in feeling happier, manifesting quicker, and sending out the right signal to get you the results you want. Your actions will then correspond to your wishes and everything around you, including people and events, will respond to your positive energy and the message you are sending out. 
Focus less on what you lack and feel more anticipation for what you will get. When your attitude matches your desire, success follows.

Law of Attraction

A self-image is based on an internal mental perception you have of yourself. It’s how you think and perceive your appearance, achievements, and relationships which impact your level of happiness. In other words, your self-image is how you see yourself based on your strengths and weaknesses.

This 30 -day workbook will show you various methods of improving your self-image confidence. These activity tasks are incredibly simple and just require a little dedication and honesty. 

When you become aware of what you are connecting your worth to, you will be able to release yourself of the limiting belief that you can only feel worthy or confident when you meet certain requirements. When you do that, you will find yourself filled with a sense of self-worth that is there no matter what happens. You will find that having a healthy self-image will lead you to the outcomes you desire.

When you are confident about your self-image, you have the capacity and skills to bounce back from failure, learn from errors, and make changes to improve your life. 

Self-image Confidence 

Emotional Confidence 

Emotional confidence is having the ability to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions in an assertive, and healthy way. Emotional confidence allows you to manage interpersonal relationships with good judgment.

The emotions that you feel are the indicators of your thoughts and beliefs; your emotions are telling you whether you are living in alignment with happiness or if you are disconnected from the life that you want. And so, an awareness of your emotions and what they mean is essential to your evolution in becoming the best version of yourself.

Emotional confidence ensures that you will be able to control your emotions and impulses. You will be able to self regulate and won't allow your emotions to control you. The more you are aware of your own emotions the better position you will be in to understand others. When you are emotionally confident, you will have the ability also to affect people around you in a positive way.

This 30-day workbook Journal will help you tap into your emotions and recognize the power they have over you and your joy.

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