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7 - Day Confidence Challenge

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Self-confidence is important.


Being confident helps us feel more secure with who we are, with our choices, actions, and our place in this world.


Confidence gives us the courage to face our fears.


Use these printables to help you be more intentional about increasing your confidence level by setting goals and achieving them through consistent efforts and actions. 

There are 7 printables tasks in this collection:

Assess My Current Confidence Levels

My Swot Analysis

Creating Confidence Goals

Internal Communication

Photoshop your Mental Image

Compete with Only Yourself

Live a Life with Gratitude



When you become aware of what confidence means to you, you’ll be able to release yourself from limiting beliefs.


When you do that, you will find yourself filled with a sense of dignity.


My hope is that this 7-day challenge will remind you of how very special you are and help you transform into the best version of YOU!

Take action and get your mojo back.


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30 - Day Confidence Challenge

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Are you a woman a man would consider to be irreplaceable?


This challenge will provide you with over 100+ Strategies and techniques that will help you finally get your mojo back.


This 30-Day Challenge is perfect for helping you to transform each area of your self-worth by breaking confidence goals down into segments that are achievable and fun.


Module 1: Emotional Confidence  

Module 2: Communication Confidence

Module 3: Image Confidence 

Module 4: Lifestyle Confidence 

Module 5: Soul Confidence 


Each of these modules will help you completely evolve into a woman of high value. A woman that is secure in herself and commands respect naturally. A woman that is can never be replaced.


A Girl with Game.

This challenge will help you go from boring to bombshell in his eyes as you will tap into your power as a desirable, strong, exceptional woman.

Not only will you renew the mental challenge he has for you but you will become the new and improved YOU!

You will get your mojo back and you will become the best version of you.

A small step like this will produce long lasting results. 

Make Change Happen!


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 This Girl's Got Game Printable Starter Pack





Are you in need of some quick inspiration on how to become a Girl with Game?


This Starter pack was created for women who want to learn more on how to be a Girl with Game, this printable starter pack provides a powerful introduction into what makes a Girl with Game stand out. 

Easy yet effective worksheets and designed to create a mind-shift from frail into feisty.

20 Rules a Girl with Game Lives By...

Goal Setting Girl with Game style

Turn from frail to feisty

How to keep your dignity

How to discipline a man the right way

What makes a Girl with Game hard to get

Importance of controlled emotions

Understanding your emotions

How to rebrand yourself 

Positive mental mind-shift 


Tailored specifically for a woman who needs an outline on how to become irreplaceable. 

This 20-page starter pack introduces you to what it means to be a woman who has the upper hand in relationships with men.

This is only the beginning!


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