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The Real Secrets Your Man Doesn’t Want You to Know

All men have secrets, and all women know this fact. Some of these secrets are kept well hidden, while others are somewhat obvious. But Girls with Game know more than just the fact that men have secrets. We know what those secrets are. And more importantly, we know how to handle each secret. It gives you that slight edge over men and other women who don’t yet know what I’m about to teach you.

Secret 1 - He lies about commitment to have sex with you sooner

If a man desires a woman as only a short-term mate, he sets up a seduction strategy to gain sexual benefits by faking long-term interest in her. These pretenders say and do whatever it takes to minimize disagreements and obstacles that prevent them from getting what they want.Why? Well, let's be real. If a man was upfront and said you were not marriage material and only good enough for sexual pleasure until he finds the right girl, would you be as willing to give yourself to him? Of course, you wouldn't. You would kick him to the curb for wasting your time. All men know a woman will be more sexually suggestive if there is an idea of commitment.This type of man will use phrases like "We would make such cute babies" or "You would make such a beautiful bride" early in the relationship. By using phrases like these, he plants the seed of devotion in your mind without him having to do anything to prove his devotion. It's all empty words. But it often causes women to jump head first into the relationship. Then when things don't progress as she had hoped, she is vulnerable and blindsided when he dumps her.He will then say things like “I didn’t mean to lead you on” or “I don’t know what gave you that impression” to make the woman doubt herself. She will believe that it was her failing to realize his so-called true intentions, when he just lied to her about them.

Secret 2 - He wants you to take better care of yourself.

It’s no secret that men are visual creatures and that the quickest way to grab a man’s attention is by being attractive. The real secret though is that he wants you to continue looking good when you get into a relationship with him. Though character is the aspect that keeps his affection, but looking after yourself is still important to your man.Once a woman is in a relationship, she is likely to become complacent and not worry about her image as much as when she was single. What your man wants to tell you is he feels cheated when you don't continue to be the girl you portrayed at the beginning of the relationship. Men want their partners to dress nicely, get a new hairstyle, go to the gym, and feel sexy. He wants to feel proud to hold your hand. Your man doesn't know how to tell you this, so he keeps it in until one day it comes out as a mean comment. It’s hard not to take it personally even though it’s partially biological why men can’t stop being attracted to healthy women. They were designed to look for the most fertile female to produce offspring. And youthful beauty is an indication of a woman’s fertility health. Men are afraid that when a woman lets herself go, she will lose her edge. He's afraid she will completely change physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Secret 3 - He looks at pretty girls every day, and there's nothing you can do to stop him from noticing them.

In the follow up to the above point, men are such visual creatures that they sometimes don’t even realize they are checking women out. It’s so natural that they just do it. There’s no thought behind them looking half the time. Think of it as an involuntary tic in a way. Even men in the most stable, fulfilling relationships will find some other women more attractive than their partner. But that doesn't mean he doesn't love you. The reality is that there will always be someone prettier. Yes, he will look. But no, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you.

Secret 4 - He can't do it all.

Women expect men to pull their own weight. But society is now ingraining the idea that men need to carry the same workload as women around the house too. It's perfectly understandable that we want men to help, but do we expect too much sometimes? Men now wash dishes, cook meals, do laundry and even iron as well as doing the manly chores like fixing things, taking out the trash, carrying those heavy bags, and killing spiders or the odd insect. While a man wouldn’t ever admit to feeling like caving under so much pressure, he often feels like he can’t do it all. Sometimes a man would like to sit back, relax, and be served. He wants to be treated like a king

Secret 5 - He actually does go to the gym to get away from you.

As women, it can be tricky to identify why men need space from us. When he does things by himself, we may think we’ve done something wrong. But the truth is men pull away from time to time as a necessity to clear their heads. He doesn’t go solo because he doesn’t love you anymore. Men have a strong need for independence. He just needs to prove he is still independent, and therefore, still a man.

Secret 6 - He pretends to listen, but he really doesn’t.

Selective hearing in men exists, especially when listening to feelings. Studies show that the average man has four occasions each week when he isn’t listening to his partner when he should be. This proved evident to Claire.

Claire and Adam had been together for over ten years, but she was constantly feeling neglected. She decided to talk to Adam about her feelings one day. Claire began telling him how hurt she was that he wasn't paying attention or spending quality time with her anymore. After 10 minutes of talking about how she felt, tears rolling down her cheeks, she glanced at him. She was stunned to find him sleeping (dribbling no less!) through the talk. She woke Adam up and argued about how this proved how insensitive he was to her feelings. A bigger squabble ensued. Claire gave him the silent treatment for a week.

Men use many methods to appear like they are listening when they aren't. They include the nod, the occasional eye contact, and the carefully repeated sentence that is relevant to the last five words of what you said. But often, our voices sound like a deep, distorted echo going in one ear and out the other.

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