Negging - His Manipulation Tactic

January 25, 2020



What does negging mean? Why do men do it?


Have you ever heard that word before? If not, it's because you're not familiar with the manipulation tactics players use. 


As women, all of us have insecurities in the way we look and carry ourselves. Unfortunately, pick up artists use this weakness to their advantage. A player will use emotional manipulation by making a deliberate backhanded compliment to make you feel good and, in the same sentence, bruise your ego and undermine your confidence. This insult then subconsciously increases your need for this player's approval making you more vulnerable to his advances.



Here are a few examples of Negging:


1. A backhanded compliment:


You look so beautiful when you have makeup on.


2. A critique and suggestion:


Your hair looks good, but I don't think blond suites you as much as brown hair does.


3. A weird comment: 


You remind me of my ex.


4. A rude question:


You have lip filler, right?


5. An obvious insult: 


You are so short, are you sure you are allowed to drink here?



When a person points out a negative, subconsciously, you will focus on the flaw and try to gain the person's approval. Negging can put you in a vulnerable position with a man if you already struggle with your self-esteem. 


Always be wary if you hear these types of comments from men. It might be to get you to sleep with him, stay in a relationship, or control you. If you are not aware, Negging can trick you into thinking that you are not good enough, therefore making you settle and put a man on a pedestal even if he isn't that great. 


If you've noticed that a man you have just met or your partner demonstrates signs of Negging, your best option is to discuss the issue by telling them what you've noticed and that you will not tolerate it. Don't allow Negging in any interaction or relationship: if you associate yourself instead with men who genuinely care about you and respect you, you'll be way happier.







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