Pretender - His Manipulation Tactic 2

April 9, 2020



When a man wants a woman, he sets up a seduction strategy to gain certain benefits like attention or sex by faking long-term interest in her. These pretenders say and do whatever it takes to minimize disagreements and obstacles that prevent them from getting what they want. Pretenders will create a misleading representation of themselves. Sometimes, they'll do it to mask their insecurities. Other times, they'll do it to be whoever they think you want them to be.




Well, let's be real. If a man was upfront about his intentions or his need for self-indulgence, would you be as willing to give him your attention, energy, and affection? Of course, you wouldn't. You would kick him to the curb for wasting your time. All men know a woman will be more sexually suggestive and transparent if there is an idea of commitment.


Men who are not genuine are really good at manipulating you by making you feel special and understood. This type of man will use phrases like "We would make such cute babies" or "You would make such a beautiful bride" early in the relationship. By using phrases like these, he plants the seed of devotion in your mind. He does this without him having to do anything to prove his commitment. It's all empty words. But it often causes women to jump headfirst into the relationship. These men are prone to keeping up the facade until they get bored. 


It's not glaringly obvious to women whether a man is just using her or being honest, particularly if the relationship is new. So be wary. Don't be transparent and give a man complete access to your mind, body, and soul. Wait until he can prove that he can be trusted.


Pretenders prey on frail and insecure women who are to open or understanding. This doesn't mean you need to be unkind, but don't allow that kindness to turn into your weakness by giving a man leverage over you.







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