Who are we?

We are a company passionate about empowering women with the strategies, mindset, and courage to tackle ANY relationship or self-confidence dilemma.

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"Instead of trying to think like a man, learn how to tap into your own power as a woman."


Why should you be a Girl with Game? 

A woman with Game has the unique ability and skills to effectively influence men to respect, commit, and remain loyal to her. If you are a Girl with Game you will have the power to attract your ideal man, have him fall head over heels in love with you, commit to you and have the passionate relationship you’ve always wanted.


How can we help? 


  • We will teach you effective techniques and strategies that men positively respond to.

  • We will coach you through tough relationship situations so you can receive the best outcome by being two steps ahead of him.

  • We will support you and pick you up when you are down.

  • We will empower you with the skills to be a high valued woman that men will find irresistibly hard to get, hard to keep, and hard to forget.

  • We will be your mentor, teacher, and friend.

  • We will guide you through taking your power and confidence back.

  • We will help you completely transform into the woman you want to be.

  • YOU WILL become the best version of yourself.

30 -Day Journals


 Our 30-Day Workbooks will help you transform into a Girl with Game 

1: You will increase your self-confidence

2: You will have simple strategies to help you be in control of your emotions

3: You will boost your happiness and get your mojo back 

 Start making progress in your life and love by working on your personal development with our workbooks. 

 Our two books "This Girl's Got and Ex" and "This Girl's Got Game" are every woman's ultimate relationship guide to regain power and confidence in their relationships with men 

1: Read through case studies and learn from others

2: Have hundreds of love strategies at your fingertips

3: Improve your communication style with men instantly  

 Our books will help transform you from boring into a bombshell. 

Weekly Emails

 Knowledge is power and our weekly newsletter will give you access to the most effective advice out there.

1: Understand what men really want

2: Discover what makes men fall in love with Girl's who have Game

3: Implement easy behavior changes with men that make a huge difference  

 Our secrets might shock you, surprise you, or inspire you.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching directly with Leandra will allow you VIP access to the most effective, intelligent, and bespoke strategies for your personal situation.


1: Have instant communication assistance with text/ emails to your man

2: Master how to communicate with men in a way that hooks them and intrigues them

3: Understand the power of your personal feminine aura and use it as leverage to have an incredible relationship

1:1 coaching will completely transform you and your situation.

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"A Girl with Game possesses an undeniable and untouchable dignity"  

- Leandra De Andrade

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