"Leandra is the best and one of a kind in relationship coaching. I started with her when I was weak, unsure of myself, insecure and in one of the worst positions I could be in my relationship. She helped me turn the tables, regain my dignity and strength and go from doormat to dream girl. She is also one of the kindest human beings I have become blessed to know. She works tirelessly with love and patience and doesn't give up even in the most difficult of situations. Her book is amazing and has become my dating bible! I highly recommend Leandra!"

Dominic, 36

Los Angeles, USA



"This Girl's got Game is the real deal! I've never met someone as knowledgeable as Leandra. You can tell she's very educated and knows what she's talking about. I've enjoyed working with her and will continue to work with her! I also purchased her This Girl's Got Game e-book, and wow such a great read! A lot of information and good tips followed up with a ton of examples. 

Reach out to her if you think you need help, I promise you won't regret it!!! :) "

Taylor, 24

Chicago, USA


"Great Read- this book really helps to understand how men work and how to build the confidence in yourself to become a hard to get, sought after woman. The book goes through so many different scenarios and how to deal with them. Leandra is amazingly helpful when it comes to getting your power back and learning how to play it smart in the game of love. You have to be consistent though and listen to what she says, I have been amazed with my progress and it can be nerve racking to change the way you think and the way you act and portray yourself. It's all worth it in the end and this book as well as Leandra is super helpful in giving advice on what the right choices are to make in the next steps of a relationship. She asks questions about your significant other and with time working together she is able to help come up with a game plan to gain control, confidence, and ultimately the direction you want in your relationship. You become a woman of strength and self respect ."

Courtney, 24

Los Angeles, USA



''Life saver . She really knows exactly what she is talking about !! Definitely recommending her to anyone who needs that push . Thank you so much''

Nadia, 23

New York, USA



This Girls Got Game e-book and Leandra have totally transformed my life. I went from having little to no confidence in myself and my relationship, to being the happiest I have been in a long time. My husband respects me like never before and I now respect myself. I have worked closely with Leandra for 4 months now and the transformation is undeniable. Her coaching style is that of a true friend who doesn't sugar coat anything, but helps you find a solution. She encouraged me forward and helped me get to where I wanted to go. All she wants is the best for you and she works with you to achieve it. Thank you so much for helping me discover who I really am and the power I didn't know I had. I can truly say I am a girl with game now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. 

Megan, 31

Essex, England



Hi name is Alexis. My marriage was in turmoil when I was referred to This Girls Got Game. I went straight to the website, ordered the book that night (read in one sitting) & requested a consultation. Started coaching that very next day. After blazing through the book & coaching, I felt empowered & excited to stand in my power, that's what I did. Just by making a few shifts I begun to see immediate big results. My husband whom I've been in relationship with for over 8 years & had strayed. Prior to the book & even after reading I had hopes of saving my marriage however the damage had been done & there was zero respect. HOWEVER I feel so strong now with my continued coaching I was able to leave with my dignity in tack thanks to Leandra's 6th sense! I am confident that my next husband/boyfriend & I will have an amazing relationship. I now have the tools to be a Girl with Game. I encourage you to purchase the book & get the coaching it's worth a million times more than what the price is set at. You'll be grateful you had!

Alexis, 35

Washington, USA

I'm very grateful for having come across Leandra exactly when I needed her. Everything from her blogs to her coaching is absolutely spot on! The best thing about her is that her concepts are crystal clear and every time I ask her a question, she completely nails it. She definitely knows her work and I really admire the fact that she has the ability to understand the exact situation and guide from there logically & emotionally both. I find her work very inspiring and truly helpful. Thank you so much, Leandra! 

Amena, 24


My name is Karen and I am an American woman in my 40s. Leandra has been my relationship coach for almost one year now ... and I can say unequivocally she is the absolute best. What a gifted teacher she is!!! I have awakened so much already ... and I am so stoked to begin enjoying the very best relationship of my life by following Leandra's recommendations & techniques. I am so proud to be on the right path to becoming a more confident woman with great self-worth. I'm "A Girl With Game"!!! Leandra is one heck of a smart & savy relationship guru/professional, businesswoman and author who is very easy to talk to. From our very first coaching session, she made me feel very comfortable ... and she also earned my trust. One of Leandra's best traits is her excellent listening/comprehension skills. She is also a fabulous communicator. Her advice stands the test of time ... and it is very reassuring to know her expertise is comprised of many years of coaching clients as well as her own personal experience. She is simply invaluable when it comes to the best course of action for getting your ex back ... and for relationship advice in general. Thank you so much, Leandra!!! I'm so blessed to have found you!!!

Karen, 40's













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