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What's it about?
Are you tired of men having the upper hand in relationships? Are you tired of having your heart broken and feeling powerless while you see the men you love moving onto the next woman? Are you tired of only attracting Mr. Wrong or feeling neglected and disrespected in your relationship?

Well, Leandra De Andrade’s This Girl's Got Game is a how-to book filled with unique checklists, strategies, tricks and real-life scenario solutions to make you a winner in this game called love. Her entertaining Transformation Tasks and Secret Lessons will assist in converting you into a Girl with Game. A Girl who is confident, classy and always two steps ahead of her opponent. A woman who makes the right men fall in love effortlessly and keeps the affection and devotion of her Mr. Right.
This smart girls’ guide will teach you how to harness your power as a woman and relate to men on a whole new level whilst gaining the love and respect you deserve. Once you've discovered how to unlock your own potential you will discover that there are no limits to what you are capable of and what you are worth.
It's time you even up the score, ladies. Your perception of love, men, and happiness as you know it is about to change.
May the best woman win.

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This Girl's Got an Ex 
coming soon!
What's it about?
This Girl's Got an Ex is every woman's survival guide to master a breakup like a Girl with Game and unleash your power as a strong woman.


This book will unveil the most effective strategies and secrets to make him regret ever losing you. 


This book breaks it down in a way that will make you confident and unforgettable. 


  1. Learn how to deal with the breakup and your own emotions 

  2. Understand him a little better

  3. The formula to getting him back and keeping him.


You will be given clear and specific advice on how to turn this situation around and help you regain his interest and affection again. You will learn how to handle yourself with the dignity that will make you completely irresistible to him.


Need 1-2-1 urgent help with an issue regarding your man?

Contact Leandra and receive a response within 24Hours


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