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Hi, my name is Leandra, and let me quickly tell you what I believe…I believe in creating a movement, a force of women evolving into knowledgeable, classy, beautiful, independent ladies who will be treated like gold. The force of women I refer to are the women who are comfortable in their own skin, who do not chase a man, they do not let a man have control over them and they do not put their happiness in someone else hands.


Even at an early age, I was notorious among my friends for being the female 'Hitch', the woman who truly understood how a man's mind and heart worked.  I helped my friends and even strangers attract and maintain the affections of the men they wanted. Some call it my sixth sense. Others say it was a result of my upbringing surrounded by men considered players. But I think I have just paid attention.

Whatever the case, I uncovered the secrets of what works (and what doesn't!) in relationships.


I'm tired of reading bad advice in magazines and listening to single girls give detrimental advice to their friends. You have probably heard of these or read this kind of advice before. The kind of advice like the gushy "leave love notes around the house for him to find" or the too ambitious "cook a 3-course meal on the first date to show your culinary prowess." And of course, the worst being those raunchy tidbits like "drop by his office unannounced with no panties on."


Young women are absorbing this awful, misguided counsel and when they try it out, it doesn't work. These poor girls then feel like failures because they have no positive results from their experiments.  I am not saying that all advice is damaging to your relationships, but most of these so-called “tips” fail in the long term for single female after single female. So isn't it time we women check where we are going wrong?

Instead of just listening to that bad advice and thinking to myself “What are you talking about?",I was going to reach out to women. Over the years I have helped hundreds of thousands of woman from all corners of the world with their relationships and self -confidence and now I have the opportunity to help YOU.


It's time you even up the score, ladies.


May the best woman win. 


Best Wishes,


Leandra xoxo

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"how we deal with rejection on our journey to love defines our happiness when we achieve it."

- Leandra De Andrade

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