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Getting your crush to crush on you

The issue with women crushing on a man is that they will make it clear to everyone else except the man they are interested in how they feel. They dress well and try get the guy to notice them by being flirty and nice but that doesn’t guarantee his attention. Women don’t give men direct signs to approach them and reasons to pursue them. Men look for signals and invitations to approach a woman, he doesn’t want your attention on a platter he wants to be the one who does the chasing. His instinct is to pursue you but your job is to let him know you want to be pursued by him in a subtle way. You can’t cross your fingers and hope he wants to be with you. You have to give him the opportunity to do so.

1: Be confident

You should never be intimidated by any man regardless of how sought after or hot he is. I know that it’s a challenge to ignore your insecurities whether it’s your height, small breasts, wonky nose, that birthmark, your thighs, that scar, acne or your nick knack toes. We all have insecurities, men included and just because someone commented on your flaws doesn’t mean that they will be significant to the next person. One man or even two or three don’t hold the opinion of everyman in the world. For example if you are short and someone says “You are so short”. Own it by saying “I love it, everyone wants to protect me”. When a man hears you owning and embracing your “flaws” you instantly become sexy. Owning your insecurities equals confidence and confidence is your asset.

2: Do your research

Now I am not saying you stalk his Facebook page on a daily basis but do a bit of snooping, see if you have the same likes or interests. What music is he into what does he enjoy to do? This gives you a head start in order to strike up a conversation or make him notice you. Be genuine, don’t pretend to like the same sports figure or band as he does because if you are faking it he will see right through you and you will be worse off than before.

3: Subtly show him you are interested in him

Give him compliments, but don’t overdue the flattery. Be specific when complimenting him. “That shirt makes your arms look really toned” or “gym totally paying off”, “loving the new hairstyle “ This is simple to do and he will be more likely to become attracted you to. He will associate you with making him feel good. Be sure to throw in the compliments once in a while not all the time.

4: Create a connection

Once you strike up a conversation be sure to use the word WE and say his name. Say “ Hi (name of person), It’s been a while since we have seen each other ” Or hay (name) should we go get a drink, ,the food or anything else you can think of. Everyone likes to hear the sound of their name it makes them prop up and pay attention, also by using the phrase WE you subconsciously create a connection between the two of you.

5: Be around a lot then disappear

There is a reason why men do this so much and there is a reason why it drives woman crazy. Your role is to lead him in the direction you want. Just when he thinks you are totally into him pull back don’t contact him, don’t post anything on social media and don’t go to the places he’s at. You have to give him a chance to miss you and want to pursue you. He must ask about you and text you. If he chooses not to follow, it’s his loss and he wasn’t really into you to begin with. But if he is interested in you the mystery will peak his interest.

6: Take it slow

Don’t rush into letting him know how much you really like him. He should try to figure you out and decide on his own to be with you. He shouldn’t feel pressured by you or your friends to ask you out. Just make it known that you and like him just want to get to know him with no expectations and by acting that way he will make you his girlfriend quicker than you can imagine. It will be his idea, his decision and his prize to collect.

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