Does my ex still think about me and miss me?

March 14, 2017

The first part of your question is YES, absolutely. Of course, he still thinks about you regardless of how long you were together and regardless of how long you have been a part.The truth is: your ex is thinking about you all the time. Your ex is thinking about you when he drives past the street your house is or where you work. He’s thinking about you when he watches a movie and the main character has your name. He’s thinking about you when he hears a song or smells a girl who walks past that wears the same perfume as you used to. He’ll remember the way your body felt pressed against his the first time he kissed you.  He’ll just remember how good it felt to lay next to you and how much he loved making you smile.


The second part of the question completely depends on YOUR actions. Whether or not you have Game.

So how can you make your ex miss you? In my book This Girl’s Got Game I explain everything you need to know about

  • What a newly single man is really up to,

  • How to make him fall

  • Punish him the right way

  • The 7 -day breakup survival Guide

Plus, many more strategies to make any man want you.


But for now, here is how you know if he’s still into you… now you just need a strategy.


1: Time

Well the very first thing to consider is how long have you been broken up for? If the break up is fairly new (days – months) the chance of him missing you is a lot greater than if you were broken up for a year or two. The reality is that ex partners think about each other no matter what even if they decide to move on. Just like you are thinking “what if we were still together or what if he was the one that got away” so has he.


2: Social Media

Does he like your Facebook pictures, comment on your post or send you cryptic song messages or quotes? Get your copy of This Girl’s Got Game and learn Phone and Social Media Mistakes to Avoid and Phone and Social Media Techniques a Girl with Game uses.


3: The Jealousy Game

Is he throwing a new girl in your face, is he splashing photos of them everywhere claiming how amazing she is! He might be doing this to get under your skin.


4: He Might ask About you

Have you heard from a mutual friend that he asked how you were or if you were seeing anyone. This is simple he still cares and he doesn’t want you to be with anyone else even if he isn’t ready to be with you himself.


5: He Bumps into you

Suddenly, on more than one occasion he’s at the same party, shopping mall or event? Did he know you would be there? Sure he did! He either wants to see you or get a reaction out of you. Either way he still cares and probably misses you.


6: He Cares about who you are Dating / Seeing

He’s giving his 2 cent opinion about the guy you are seeing. “He isn’t good for you, he is a bad boy” he will say. “He will break your heart, he’s ugly”. Regardless of his opinions about the guy you are seeing he relinquished his right to have an opinion about your choices when he broke up with you or when he started seeing someone new.


7: Contacts you Frequently

Whether they are nasty texts, sweet or flirtatious calls or just plain pointless videos. If he is contacting, you he is missing you! Period!


Get your copy of This Girl’s Got Game. This smart girls’ guide will teach you how to harness your power as a woman and relate to men on a whole new level whilst gaining the love and respect you deserve.


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